Liege 2019 – Radiopharmacy Programme

It is our pleasure to anounce the preliminary Radiopharmacy Programme of the 2019 BELNUC Symposium that will be held in Liege on May 10-12  


Saturday, May 11, 2019


8:40-8:50: WELCOME


9:00-10:30: OPPORTUNITIES FOR PATIENT CARE (common session)

Developments in total body PET/CT systems

Prof Dr Stefaan Vandenberghe, MEDISIP-ELIS-IBITECH-IMEC, Ghent University, Belgium

PSMA targeted radionuclide therapy

Dr Andrei Gafita, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Klinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Efficacy of Radioembolization with 166Ho-Microspheres in Salvage Patients with Liver Metastases

Prof Dr Marnix Lam, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, University Medical Center Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands



Gallium-68 produced by cyclotron vs generator: pros and cons 

Dr Simon Lacroix, Nuclear Medicine Department, Hôpital Erasme, Brussels, Belgium

Dr Zéna Wimana, Nuclear Medicine Department, Institut Jules Bordet, Brussels, Belgium

Scientific abstracts : OP 1-3

Abstract presenting authors


14:00-15:30: TARGET

How to investigate the radiobiological effects of radionuclide therapies: Models, techniques & tools

Prof Sarah Baatout, Radiobiology unit, SCK.CEN, Mol, Belgium

Scientific abstracts: OP 4-12

Abstract presenting authors



Pharmaceutical Quality System

Kim Serdons, Nuclear Medicine Departement, UZ Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Scientific abstracts: OP 13-15

Abstract presenting authors

17:00-17:30: RADIONUCLIDE THERAPY (common session)

Nanobodies labeled with 225Ac for targeted α-particle therapy

Prof Matthias D’Huyvetter, In Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Laboratory, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium





  • FANC/AFCN Radiation protection continuing education credits: to be requested