About us

Belnuc is the acronym of the Belgian Society of Nuclear Medicine  (BSNM (EN) ; SBMN ASBL (FR) ; BGNG VZW (NL) ), the official name of the national scientific society of the Nuclear Medicine community, that represents all its members at the regional, national or international level.
 The aim of our scientific association is to promote, support and drive the use of radiolabeled-based technics used in Medicine, at the clinical, research and educational level, by encouraging the exchange of informations between members and promoting collaborations with other national or international organizations.
As one of the main national actor in the field, a part of our missions is also dedicated to actively interact with all the competent authorities and different professional partners to manage the issues related to the professional accreditation, defense and licensing of our medical specialty. 

Avenue Hippocrate, 10
1200 Brussels

Contact information

Nadia Withofs
Nuclear Medicine department, CHU Sart Tilman, Avenue de l'Hopital 1, 4000 Liege

ASBL/VZW n°: 7041/78
N°entreprise: 418.553.416

contact: nwithofs@chuliege.be