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7th Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes, Liège

National Event

Starting time 09.05.2019 at 08:00
Ending time 09.05.2019 at 18:30

7th Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes

 Val Benoit, Bâtiment du Génie Civil, Quai Banning 6, BE-4000 Liège


The “Symposium on Medical Radioisotopes” is organized every two years by members of Belgian universities, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK•CEN, hospitals and companies active in the field of nuclear medicine. 
The objectives of the symposium are to:
  • Provide information on the perspectives of the world production of medical radioisotopes during the years to come; 
  • Discuss challenges of the transport and distribution processes including safety, security, transparency and prompt delivery; 
  • Present breakthroughs in radiopharmacy and nuclear medicine; 
  • Introduce new industrial and research initiatives. 


The symposium is intended for: 
  • Researchers and professionals active in the subfields of interest; 
  • European and Belgian health authorities and regulators; 
  • Radioisotope distributors and related transport companies. 


Final program and schedule available in below pdf!

20190509_Program 7th symposium[1].pdf
Download the document