This page is dedicated to the announcement of job availabilities in the field of Nuclear Medicine.

To add a your own announcement on the website, please send us an email describing the profile researched, with an attachment summarizing the job description and all the practical details (Words or PDF documents). 

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Technologist Vacancy Ghent area

There is a vacancy for a technologist in the new PET/CT center opening on Januray 1st 2018 on the AZ Sint-Lucas campus in Ghent.More info can be found on the document attached to this webpage.

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Vacancy chemist/radiochemist - ICMI lab, Brussels (VUB)

The ICMI lab in Brussels ( is urgently seeking for one highly motivated chemist/radiochemist who is aiming to start as a Research assistant but with the opportunity to do a

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Vacancy nuclear medicine physician - Toulouse

The University Hospital Toulouse (France) has a vacancy for a nuclear medicine physician from November 2017 on.For more info please read the text below (French only) or mail the contact persons:&

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Vacancy Technologist UZ Leuven

There is a vacancy for a technologist in UZ Leuven.More info can be found on the UZ Leuven website here.Or you can download the document attached to this webpage. 

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