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Why becoming a member of BELNUC?


  1. To support BELNUC activities organisation, providing continuing education to NM professionals (with FANC/AFCN and RIZIV/INAMI credits) and promoting social exchanges
  2. To have access to all website content,  including BELNUC seminars slides, case of the month, paper of the month and practical information
  3. To benefit from a reduced registration fee for
    • BELNUC seminars
    • BELNUC biannual symposium
  4. To benefit from a discount for subscriptions to journals: “Médecine Nucléaire: imagerie fonctionnelle et métabolique”; “Het Tijdschrift voor Nucleaire Geneeskunde (TvNG)”. For more details click here.
  5. And finally, to support BELNUC workgroups strengthening nuclear medicine practice in Belgium


Membership 2019 

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Category NM Professionals 2019
Ordinary membership Physician, radiopharmacist, physicist & scientist € 75
Junior membership Physician, radiopharmacist, physicist & scientist in training € 20
Technologist membership Technologist € 20
Student in Technology membership Technologist in training €  0
Honorary membership Retired NM professionals € 20
Associate membership Industry € 75