Education and scientific innovation in Nuclear Medicine

Seminar: Education and scientific innovation in Nuclear Medicine –What do we need to keep Belgium in pole position?

13 November 2021

Registration is closed (deadline for registration 9/11/2021)

Organiser : K. Van Laere & BELNUC board

  • RIZIV/INAMI accreditation 3 CP granted (N° 21012979; category: 3)1
  • FANC/AFCN radiation protection continuing education granted:
    • 01h00 for nuclear medicine physicians
    • 00h30 for radiopharmacists
  • Venue: Leuven, Herestraat 49, campus Gasthuisberg, Onderwijs & Navorsing 2 (O&N2) building, auditorium BMW2. Free parking “Villa” (entrance code 9189#).2 See area map below.

1 RIZIV/INAMI accreditation for nuclear medicine physicians is available for BELNUC members only.
2 Subject to government restrictions on in-person meetings.

Wearing a face mask during the entire symposium is mandatory, without any exceptions. We kindly request that you bring your own face mask! No face masks will be available on-site. In addition, please bring your own pen to sign the attendance sheet.



09:00 – 09:05 Introduction
Koen Van Laere
Part I : Education in NM – towards a new curriculum including hybrid imaging and RNT.
09:05 – 09:35 The hybrid NM-radiology curriculum in The Netherlands: pro and con’s
Ton Velleman (U. Groningen)
09:35 – 09:55 The future of the education curriculum in Belgium: quo vadis?
Roland Hustinx (CHU Liège; EANM Committee Coordinator and Chair of the education and syllabus committee of the NM section of UEMS & European Board of Nuclear Medicine)
09:55– 10:15 Readiness of the NM community in Belgium for theranostics
Patrick Flamen (Bordet Institute)
10:15– 10:45   Break
Part II : Innovation in NM – “Research, research, or we are lost”
10:45– 11:05 New radiopharmaceuticals on the early clinical horizon in Belgium
Guy Bormans (KU Leuven)
11:05– 11:25 New imaging technologies, AI and dosimetry for RNT: what will be the impact in 10 years?
  Stephan Nekolla (TU Munich)
11:25– 11:45
The chain from radiopharmaceutical development and validation to clinical reimbursement. Impact of regulations and need for a multicenter validation approach
  Koen Van Laere (KU Leuven)
Part III : Round table discussion
11:50- 12:30
Round Table Discussion
All 6 speakers + Donatienne van Weehaeghe (UZ Leuven, secretary EANM NeuroImaging committee) + Frank de Geeter (AZ St Jan Bruges)


Education and scientific innovation in Nuclear Medicine – What do we need to keep Belgium in pole position?

Innovation in nuclear medicine is changing the way examinations are performed and patients are treated. The continued progress in hybrid imaging techniques and breakthroughs in radionuclide therapies prompt a critical appraisal of the current training curriculum and practices. In this seminar, the full circle of current and future training requirements in nuclear medicine will be assessed, building on the experience in other countries and considering emerging clinical applications in our field.

How to get there?

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